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Let’s age as gracefully as possible!


After training many people over the years in a variety of circumstances, I have grown to appreciate the powerful connection between the awareness of the mind and the performance of the body.  As a personal trainer, it is my goal for you to learn and appreciate the vast potential of your mind, and your body’s ability to heal, grow, defend, regenerate, and thrive.


With sound nutrition, regular movement, and safe progressive resistance, the body can carry you well through your life. It is my goal for your body to perform injury-free and allow you as much quality of life as possible.


Under my watch, you will perform movements that will:


  • Expand your flexibility
  • Boost muscle strength and endurance
  • Raise metabolism (the rate at which you burn calories)
  • Improve balance
  • Increase coordination and boost confidence


My clients range in ages 15 – 93. I work with athletes, recovering stroke victims, pre- and post-surgery joint replacement patients.  I work with the obese, helping them take control of their eating habits, helping to make regular exercise a priority, and take control of their lives.


My approach toward exercise incorporates the body moving across various planes as a whole, fluid unit. It is my observation that the most engaging plane for muscle recruitment is the Transverse plane.  Using a method I call “Transverse Training,” you will move an unbalanced workload on a 360-degree plane.   While not suitable for everyone, this method has proven to strengthen core muscles, improve sports performance, and increase balance and coordination.


I enjoy working either in a small group setting, or one-on-one.

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